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Fig. 1

From: Decoding the synaptic dysfunction of bioactive human AD brain soluble Aβ to inspire novel therapeutic avenues for Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 1

Soluble Aβ extracted by homogenization in TBS from Alzheimer’s disease brain alters hippocampal long-term potentiation. (a) LTP induction after treatment with vehicle (black open circles), control brain TBS extract (blue circles) and AD brain TBS extract (red diamonds) from one AD patient. (b) LTP after treatment with TBS extracts made from another control brain (black diamonds) or another AD brain (red circles). (c) Summary data of LTP results with one representative run with plain TBS buffer (black bar), 25 AD brain TBS extracts (red) and 9 control (non-AD) brain TBS extracts (blue). All LTP results represent values at 60 min post-HFS normalized to vehicle alone at that time point. Gray horizontal bar indicates the lowest LTP level from control brain. (d) LTP summary data of the AD TBS extracts (red) and their respective immunodepleted extracts (blue). (e,f) Correlations between LTP levels at 60 min and the respective [Aβx-42] (e) and [Aβx-40] (f) levels in the AD TBS extracts

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