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Figure 6

From: Ability of wild type mouse bioassay to detect bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in the presence of excess scrapie

Figure 6

Detection of PrP Sc types using immunohistochemistry in mouse brains. Mice challenged with BSE show BSE-characteristic punctuate PrPSc deposits (a, b) which are the only evident BSE feature in mice challenged with BSE/scrapie mixtures (c, d) in a pattern that is otherwise indistinguishable from scrapie (e, f). The content of BSE in the BSE/scrapie mixture used to inoculate the mice shown in c and d was 50%; a, c, e superior coliculus; b, d, f thalamus. Scale bar represents 50 μm. PrPSc was detected with a polyclonal rabbit antibody Rb486 diluted 1/2000.

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