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Figure 6

From: Hirano body expression impairs spatial working memory in a novel mouse model

Figure 6

Analysis of the open field test for 3 and 8 month old R26CT and R26CT-CRE mice. Locomotor activity and center zone entrances of R26CT (3 month old, n = 11; 8 month old, n = 11) and R26CT-CRE (3 month old, n = 12; 8 month old, n = 12) mice were measured utilizing an open field test. A, B) There was no difference in locomotor activity between R26CT (black squares) and R26CT-CRE mice (open circles) at 3 or 8 months of age. C) R26CT (black bars) and R26CT-CRE (white bars) mice made similar entrances to the center zone. At both ages, R26CT and R26CT-CRE mice are not significantly different from each other. Error bars represent SEM.

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