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Figure 6 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 6

From: Layer-specific gene expression in epileptogenic type II focal cortical dysplasia: normal-looking neurons reveal the presence of a hidden laminar organization

Figure 6

LSG expression in Type II FCD (less severe area). Typical LSG expression in a case of Type IIb FCD (frontal lobe) histopathologically characterized by a less severe lesion with DNs localised only in the deep portion of the cortex (a, SMI ir). b-e: Adjacent sections from the same case as that shown in a showing the expression of Cux2 (b), Rorβ (c), Er81 (d) and Nurr1 (e). Note that Cux2 and Rorβ are expressed only in normal-looking neurons (NNs) in the appropriate cortical laminae (b, c), whereas Er81 and Nurr1 (d, e) are expressed in both NNs and DNs in the deep layers. f-j: Details of the regions marked with asterisks in b-e showing the morphological features of the NNs and DNs (arrows). Scale bars: 280 μm (a-e); 90 μm (f-j) .

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