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Figure 2

From: Layer-specific gene expression in epileptogenic type II focal cortical dysplasia: normal-looking neurons reveal the presence of a hidden laminar organization

Figure 2

Layer-specific gene (LSG) expression in normal-looking neurons and DNs. a-d: Adjacent sections, obtained from a parietal lobe, showing regions expressing Cux2 (a), Rorβ (b), Er81 (c) and Nurr1 (d). In particular, areas from superficial cortex (sup.ctx), middle cortex (mid.ctx) and the boundary between the deep cortex and the white matter (wm) are shown. For each LSG, normal-looking neurons (asterisks) and DNs (stars) are easily distinguishable by their different size and shape (see high magnification images). Confocal double immunofluorescence images combining immunoreactivity for neuronal markers (SMI311 and MAP2) with ISH for Er81 and Nurr1 showed the morphology of the normal-looking neurons (e, f) and DNs (g, h,). Scale bars: 200 μm (a-d) and 60 μm for high magnification images; 55 μm (e-h).

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