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Table 1 Primary and secondary antibodies and reagents

From: Age-related changes in brain phospholipids and bioactive lipids in the APP knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Protein targeted Host Dilution Provider Catalogue number
Primary antibodies     
Akt Rabbit 1:500 Cell Signaling 4691S
BLT1 Rabbit 1:400 Cayman 120114
ChemR23 Mouse 1:500 Santa Cruz SC-398769
COX-1 Rabbit 1:400 R&D Systems 4841S
c-PLA2 Rabbit 1:400 Abcam Ab73406
ERK1/2 Rabbit 1:500 Cell Signaling 4696S
FPR2 Rabbit 1:500 Santa Cruz Sc-66901
Galectin-3 Goat 1:200 R&D Systems AF1197
GFAP Rabbit 1:800 Dako Z033401-2
GPR18 Rabbit 1:400 Sigma-Aldrich SAB4501252
Iba1 Rabbit 1:400 Wako 019-19741
JUNK Rabbit 1:500 Cell Signaling 9252S
LGR6 Rabbit 1:500 Invitrogen PA5-102099
MCSFR1 Mouse 1:500 R&D Systems MAB3291
PLA1 Rabbit 1:500 LSBio LS-1310189
p38 Rabbit 1:500 Cell Signaling 9212S
p-Akt Mouse 1:400 Cell Signaling 12694S
p-ERK1/2 Mouse 1:500 Cell Signaling 9106S
p-JUNK Mouse 1:500 Cell Signaling 9255S
p-cPLA2(S505) Rabbit 1:200 Cell Signaling 2831S
p-p38 Mouse 1:200 Cell Signaling 9216S
p-5-LOX Rabbit 1:400 R&D Systems pp2001
S100β Mouse 1:400 Sigma-Aldrich AMAB91038
TMEM119 Rabbit 1:400 Thermo Fisher PA5-62505
Trem-2 Sheep 1:400 R&D Systems AF1729
YKL-40 Rat 1:500 R&D Systems MAB2649
5-LOX Rabbit 1:500 Abcam Ab169755
15-LOX Rabbit 1:400 Hans-Erik Claesson, KI Ab154
Aβ(1–16) peptide Mouse 1:500 BioLegend 803001
Secondary antibodies and reagents     
Alexa Fluor Plus
594 anti-mouse
Donkey 1:400 Invitrogen A32744
Alexa Fluor Plus
488 anti-rabbit
Donkey 1:400 Invitrogen A32790
Donkey 1:15,000 LiCor 926-32213
Donkey 1:15,000 LiCor 926-68072
IRDye®800CW anti-rat Goat 1:15,000 LiCor 926-32219
IRDye®800CW anti-goat Donkey 1:15,000 LiCor 926-32214
Intercept® TBS
Blocking buffer
   LiCor 927-66003