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Table 1 Study groups and treatment combinations

From: Chronically altered NMDAR signaling in epilepsy mediates comorbid depression

Group SE induction Chronic phase (daily i.p. injections for 10 days) Acute phase (two i.p. injections 30 min prior to FST2)
Sham No saline saline + saline
Saline Yes saline saline + saline
NI Yes saline 15 mg/kg NI + saline
Flxa Yes saline saline + 10 mg/kg Flx
Flxa + NI Yes saline 15 mg/kg NI + 10 mg/kg Flx
Flxc Yes 10 mg/kg Flx saline + saline
Flxc + NI Yes 10 mg/kg Flx 15 mg/kg NI + saline