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Table 3 University of Washington cohort data

From: Expression of an alternatively spliced variant of SORL1 in neuronal dendrites is decreased in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Sample id Diagnosis Age at death Gender GENOTYPE_rs2282649
1706_CER Non-AD 76 F T/T
1661_CER Non-AD 92 F C/T
1776_CER Non-AD 98 F C/T
1750_CER Non-AD 78 M C/C
1792_CER Non-AD 93 F C/C
1814_CER Non-AD 86 F C/C
1798_CER AD 93 F T/T
1744_CER AD 93 F T/T
1745_CER AD 82 F T/T
1784_CER AD 90+ F T/T
1785_CER AD 93 M T/T
1815_CER AD 67 F T/T
1682_CER AD 100 F C/T
1733_CER AD 92 F C/T
1746_CER AD 69 M C/T
1771_CER AD 98 F C/T
1806_CER AD 65 M C/T
1662_CER AD 82 F C/C
1681_CER AD 74 F C/C
1707_CER AD 90 M C/C
1804_CER AD 101 F C/C