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Table 3 Multiple regression results

From: The efficacy of DNA mismatch repair enzyme immunohistochemistry as a screening test for hypermutated gliomas

variableregression coefficient95% CIt statisticP
post-TMZ0.22−0.070 to 0.511.50.13
IDH1mutant0.150.0020 to 0.3020.047
WHO grade0.097−0.036 to
MGMTmethylated0.072−0.051 to
astrocytic0.031−0.22 to
male0.017−0.091 to 0.130.320.75
age0.00021−0.0041 to 0.00450.0990.92
recurrent−0.038−0.32 to
  1. Variables are listed from largest to smallest regression coefficients, relative to hypermutation. N = 93 tumors (cases without MGMT data were excluded, as well as hypermutated tumor #2 since it came from the same patient as tumor #1, see Additional file 1: Tables S1 and S2). TMZ temozolomide. Multiple R2 = 0.26, df = 84