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Fig. 4

From: A single ultrasensitive assay for detection and discrimination of tau aggregates of Alzheimer and Pick diseases

Fig. 4

ThT amplitudes between 3R and 3R/4R-seeded K12CFh reactions correlate with FTIR banding patterns. a. ThT maxima within 30 h of K12 RT-QuIC reactions seeded with individual patient BHs at 10− 4 dilution in octuplicate; points and bars represent mean ± SD. b. Second derivative FTIR spectra of pooled reactions recovered from ThT maxima analysis reactions summarized in panel a. Each trace represents the 8 pooled reactions, seeded with a 10− 4 BH dilution from an individual patient. Inset: tyrosine vibrational mode. c. Transmission electron micrographs of representative 3R/4R (AD, CTE), 3R (PiD), and control (CVD) RT-QuIC products, recovered from plates at assay endpoint; bars represent 200 nm. Asterisks denote TEM grid structures

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