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Table 1 Patient clinical data

From: Global activation of oncogenic pathways underlies therapy resistance in diffuse midline glioma

Sex/agea Symptoms at presentation Survival months Bx Rx Chemotherapy & vaccine Primary focusb Secondary focib
F5 (3) Headache 20 No 2x PARP1/2 inh Pons R cerebellum (14)
Anger Carboplatin&
CN 6 HDAC inh (CED)
F10 (9) Headache 13.5 Yes 2x K27M vaccine Pons R&L cerebellum
CN 7, 8 Nivolumab R&L LVs (9)
F12 (11) Headache 13 Yes 1x Erlotinib Pons R cerebellum
CN 7, 8 Bevacizumab R LV
  1. F Female, CN Cranial nerve, Bx Biopsy, Rx Radiotherapy, HDAC Histone deacetylase, inh Inhibitor, CED Convection enhanced delivery, R Right, L Left, LV Lateral ventricle
  2. aThe age is given in years: at death/autopsy following the sex; at initial presentation in parenthesis
  3. bThe primary and secondary foci, as visualized by MRI. The progression time to secondary foci is shown in months, when recorded