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Table 1 Clinical data from post-mortem brain tissue

From: Characterization of the TNF and IL-1 systems in human brain and blood after ischemic stroke

CaseSex/Age at deathInfarcted brain areaInfarct ageCause of death
1M/76Left temporal lobe<  7 daysMultiorgan failure due to sepsis
2F/73Right temporal lobe<  7 daysRupture of thoracic aortic aneurysm
3F/78Right hemisphere2 daysPerforated gastric ulcer with peritonitis and infarct
4M/67Left temporal lobe<  7 daysCardiac arrest
5M/61Right parietal lobe<  1 day
>  7 days
Multiorgan failure due to sepsis, cardiac infarct and endocarditis
6F/83Right hippocampus
1 day
>  7 days
Pulmonary embolism
7F/80Right frontal lobe
1 day
<  5 days
1 day
<  7 days
8M/68Left parietal lobe<  1 dayCerebral infarct, pneumonia
9M/68Caudate nucleus
>  7 days
>  7 days
10M/59Right parietal lobe>  7 daysPneumonia
11M/57Left internal capsule>  7 daysPneumonia
12F/67Right occipital lobe
Right occipital lobe
1 day
>  2 days
Pulmonary infarcts
Respiratory distress syndrome
13M/38Right parietal lobe<  5 daysCerebral herniation, subdural empyema, ARDS
14M/48Right temporal lobe>  7 daysPneumonia, hypoglycemia
  1. ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, F female, M male