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Table 1 Summary of demographic data

From: Epigenetic modulation of AREL1 and increased HLA expression in brains of multiple system atrophy patients

GroupBrain BankSexAgePMI 
CTRLBBH: 9KCL: 28M: 19F: 1873.0 ± 10.542.0 ± 19.2
MSABBH: 17KCL: 24M: 17F: 2466.0 ± 5.742.0 ± 26.3
GroupBrain BankSexAgePMIRIN
CTRLBBH: 10NBB: 10M: 8F: 1273.5 ± 12.028.2 ± 27.45.3 ± 0.6
MSABBH: 16M: 5F: 1164.4 ± 6.040.6 ± 20.35.1 ± 0.7
Flow cytometry
GroupBrain BankSexAge  
CTRLBBH: 46M: 18F: 2871.9 ± 9.4
MSABBH: 24M: 11F: 1362.9 ± 7.9
  1. Demographic summaries are shown for the cohorts for Illumina MethylationEPIC data (EWAS), RT-qPCR data, and flow cytometric data. Group differences were tested using Fisher’s exact test (sex, origin), or t-tests. Age in years at death is reported; CTRL normal, healthy control, MSA multiple system atropy, BBH Bispebjerg Brain Bank, KCL King’s College London Brain Bank, NBB Netherlands Brain Bank, M male, F female, PMI Post-mortem interval in hours, RIN RNA Integrity Number