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Table 3 Selected groups of significant GO terms overrepresented in genes correlated with age in female and male

From: Meta-analysis of human prefrontal cortex reveals activation of GFAP and decline of synaptic transmission in the aging brain

GroupTerm_femaleP value_FTerm_maleP value_M
Immunityimmune response2.16E-04negative regulation of immune system process1.25E-02
regulation of immune system process2.58E-04  
regulation of production of molecular mediator of immune response7.18E-03  
positive regulation of cytokine production involved in immune response1.67E-02  
leukocyte mediated immunity2.98E-02  
immune system process3.53E-02  
activation of immune response3.67E-02  
regulation of innate immune response4.00E-02  
immunoglobulin secretion4.47E-02  
negative regulation of immune response4.80E-02  
Inflammationpositive regulation of inflammatory response6.21E-03acute inflammatory response1.69E-02
regulation of inflammatory response6.90E-03  
acute inflammatory response1.12E-02  
ROSregulation of reactive oxygen species biosynthetic process5.79E-04positive regulation of reactive oxygen species metabolic process2.63E-03
positive regulation of reactive oxygen species metabolic process2.72E-03regulation of reactive oxygen species biosynthetic process6.00E-03
response to oxidative stress2.22E-02response to oxidative stress3.94E-02
intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to oxidative stress3.64E-02  
Integrin-associated termsintegrin-mediated signaling pathway1.67E-05integrin-mediated signaling pathway2.72E-04
integrin binding7.38E-03cell adhesion mediated by integrin3.53E-02
  integrin binding2.83E-04