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Fig. 3

From: N368-Tau fragments generated by legumain are detected only in trace amount in the insoluble Tau aggregates isolated from AD brain

Fig. 3

N368-cleaved Tau is not detected in Lgmn knockout mouse brain total homogenate. a. Scheme of the workflow for the quantification of Tau from mouse total brain extracts using LC-MS/MS. b-c. Mass spectrometry quantification of 354–368 (b) and 354–369 (c) Tau peptides as a mesure of N369-cleaved and uncleaved Tau, respectively, in forebrain tissue from Lgmn−/− (n = 9), Lgmn +/− (n = 10) and Lgmn+/+ (n = 11) littermates at 2 months of age. b. Levels of N368-cleaved Tau are significantly lower in Lgmn +/− compared to Lgmn+/+ mice (p = 0.0070) and are below LLOQ in Lgmn−/− (p < 0.0001 vs Lgmn+/− and Lgmn+/+). c. Levels of uncleaved Tau were similar across genotypes (p = 0.153 Lgmn+/− vs Lgmn−/−; p = 0.494 Lgmn+/+ vs Lgmn−/−; p = 0.597 Lgmn+/− vs Lgmn+/+). In all graphs, data points, mean and standard deviation are shown. **p < 0.01

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