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Fig. 1

From: N368-Tau fragments generated by legumain are detected only in trace amount in the insoluble Tau aggregates isolated from AD brain

Fig. 1

LGMN cleaves human Tau in vitro. a. Coomassie stained gels of Tau fragments after enzymatic digestion with LGMN in vitro. Tau and LGMN were incubated in vitro at different molar ratios and the cleaved fragments were resolved by SDS-PAGE. Bands B1-B6 were analyzed by LC-MS/MS after in-gel tryptic digestion. Identified LGMN-cleaved peptides are indicated in the table. Four LGMN cleavage sites were identified at residues N167, N255, N297 and N368 as indicated in the Tau scheme. Tau amino acid numbering relates to the 2N4R Tau isoform. In the table, the vertical line (│) indicates LGMN cleavage site. (*) LC-MS/MS for band B1 was performed in a separate experiment. b. Fragment spectrum of the peptide IGSLDNITHVPGGGN (amino acids 354–368). Numbers in the peptide sequence refer to the b-ions (top) and y-ions (bottom), respectively

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