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Table 3 Differential Expression (Specific Comparisons)

From: Extensive transcriptomic study emphasizes importance of vesicular transport in C9orf72 expansion carriers

Order C9Plus vs. C9Minus C9Plus vs. Control
Gene Chr P-value FDR FC Gene Chr P-value FDR FC
1 C9orf72 chr9 4.35E-10 6.04E-06 -1.75 C9orf72 chr9 4.48E-10 1.08E-05 -1.69
2 FBLL1 chr5 5.01E-10 6.04E-06 1.88 SMIM14 chr4 3.16E-09 3.80E-05 -1.34
3 VSTM2A-OT1 chr7 1.51E-09 9.64E-06 1.96 PYCR2 chr1 5.96E-09 3.99E-05 -1.73
4 KCNJ6 chr21 1.88E-09 9.64E-06 1.92 NT5DC1 chr6 9.62E-09 3.99E-05 -1.57
5 ABCE1 chr4 2.06E-09 9.64E-06 -1.35 GID4 chr17 1.08E-08 3.99E-05 1.33
6 SMIM14 chr4 2.40E-09 9.64E-06 -1.25 GIT1 chr17 1.10E-08 3.99E-05 1.63
7 HRH3 chr20 4.12E-09 1.40E-05 1.99 SCN3A chr2 1.16E-08 3.99E-05 1.94
8 SH3GL1P3 chr17 4.65E-09 1.40E-05 1.80 S100B chr21 1.38E-08 4.17E-05 -1.94
9 CTD-2126E3.4 chr19 5.61E-09 1.50E-05 2.11 CMTM5 chr14 1.71E-08 4.57E-05 -2.49
10 LRFN4 chr11 7.15E-09 1.72E-05 1.69 RP11-196E1.3 chr11 1.96E-08 4.72E-05 -2.90
11 RP11-147 L13.13 chr17 1.02E-08 2.24E-05 1.80 DCTN6 chr8 3.88E-08 6.82E-05 -1.33
12 CA7 chr16 1.14E-08 2.28E-05 1.69 SUCLG2 chr3 4.11E-08 6.82E-05 -1.72
13 MXD4 chr4 1.36E-08 2.47E-05 1.35 MARCKSL1 chr1 4.16E-08 6.82E-05 -1.57
14 STX12 chr1 1.43E-08 2.47E-05 -1.23 KCNG1 chr20 4.17E-08 6.82E-05 2.88
15 ATG4D chr19 1.73E-08 2.78E-05 1.30 BAG2 chr6 4.25E-08 6.82E-05 1.47
16 DUSP14 chr17 1.84E-08 2.78E-05 1.34 RAF1 chr3 5.09E-08 7.67E-05 1.23
17 CHMP2B chr3 1.97E-08 2.78E-05 -1.32 TESK1 chr9 5.57E-08 7.81E-05 1.33
18 LPHN1 chr19 2.08E-08 2.78E-05 1.43 BDNF-AS chr11 6.20E-08 7.81E-05 -1.82
19 ST8SIA5 chr18 2.31E-08 2.93E-05 1.52 CTC-273B12.10 chr19 6.57E-08 7.81E-05 2.69
20 NFATC2IP chr16 2.55E-08 3.07E-05 -1.29 CYP4F11 chr19 6.61E-08 7.81E-05 -3.25
  1. Differentially expressed genes are shown when comparing patients with an expanded C9orf72 repeat to those without this repeat (C9Plus vs. C9Minus) or to control subjects (C9Plus vs. Control). For each gene, the chromosome (Chr), p-value, false discovery rate (FDR), and fold-change (FC) are displayed. Of note, this table has been generated after adjustment for cell-type-specific markers