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Table 2 Differential Expression (All Groups)

From: Extensive transcriptomic study emphasizes importance of vesicular transport in C9orf72 expansion carriers

Order With Cell-Type-Specific Markers Without Cell-Type-Specific Markers
Gene Chr P-value FDR Gene Chr P-value FDR
1 C9orf72 chr9 5.86E-19 1.41E-14 C9orf72 chr9 3.61E-12 8.69E-08
2 SMIM14 chr4 2.06E-11 2.49E-07 RP11-196E1.3 chr11 3.89E-11 4.68E-07
3 FBLL1 chr5 1.12E-10 8.96E-07 GEM chr8 3.45E-10 2.05E-06
4 ABCE1 chr4 3.54E-10 2.13E-06 PCP4 chr21 3.47E-10 2.05E-06
5 HRH3 chr20 9.60E-10 4.62E-06 KCNC3 chr19 5.85E-10 2.05E-06
6 GIT1 chr17 1.41E-09 5.55E-06 ANGPT1 chr8 6.33E-10 2.05E-06
7 AC009133.15 chr16 1.61E-09 5.55E-06 SMIM14 chr4 6.85E-10 2.05E-06
8 PYCR2 chr1 2.33E-09 6.24E-06 GPCPD1 chr20 7.04E-10 2.05E-06
9 VSTM2A-OT1 chr7 2.52E-09 6.24E-06 KREMEN2 chr16 8.08E-10 2.05E-06
10 MTR chr1 2.59E-09 6.24E-06 DPYSL3 chr5 8.49E-10 2.05E-06
11 KCNJ6 chr21 3.06E-09 6.26E-06 SCN1B chr19 9.75E-10 2.14E-06
12 RP11-196E1.3 chr11 3.26E-09 6.26E-06 PRELP chr1 1.38E-09 2.78E-06
13 TESK1 chr9 3.98E-09 6.26E-06 FBLL1 chr5 1.58E-09 2.93E-06
14 DCAF16 chr4 4.07E-09 6.26E-06 LINC01102 chr2 1.95E-09 3.17E-06
15 SH3GL1P3 chr17 5.26E-09 6.26E-06 CTD-2126E3.4 chr19 1.98E-09 3.17E-06
16 DCTN6 chr8 5.26E-09 6.26E-06 SLC17A6 chr11 2.10E-09 3.17E-06
17 BPGM chr7 5.57E-09 6.26E-06 RAB4B chr19 2.23E-09 3.17E-06
18 NT5DC1 chr6 5.58E-09 6.26E-06 KB-1107E3.1 chr8 3.56E-09 4.77E-06
19 RP11-318A15.7 chr17 5.59E-09 6.26E-06 CCDC102A chr16 4.10E-09 5.19E-06
20 CHMP2B chr3 5.69E-09 6.26E-06 AEBP1 chr7 4.62E-09 5.39E-06
  1. Differentially expressed genes are displayed either with or without adjustment for cell-type-specific markers. For each gene, the chromosome (Chr), p-value, and false discovery rate (FDR) are included