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Fig. 6

From: SET SUMOylation promotes its cytoplasmic retention and induces tau pathology and cognitive impairments

Fig. 6

SET WT overexpression induces its SUMOylation and cytoplasmic retention. a C57/BL6 mice were injected with pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-MCS-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (Vector Titer = 1.0 × 1012), pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-SET-WT-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (SET-WT Titer = 1.0 × 1012) or pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-SET-K68R-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (SET-K68R Titer = 1.0 × 1012) as indicated in the bilateral hippocampus CA1 zone. Five weeks post-injection, hippocampal tissue was homogenized and immunoprecipitations performed using anti-SET antibodies. Pull-downs were immunoblotted with the SUMO-1 antibody. b Quantification of SET combined with SUMO-1 is shown. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001. c and d Levels of SET in nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions was determined by immunoblotting with anti-SET antibodies. The relative purity of fractions was confirmed by sequential probing for the nuclear marker laminB1 and the cytoplasmic marker Raf-1. e Quantification of SET in the cytoplasmic and f nuclear fractions are shown. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. Representative confocal images are shown. All data shown represent the mean ± SD of 3 independent experiments

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