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Fig. 5

From: SET SUMOylation promotes its cytoplasmic retention and induces tau pathology and cognitive impairments

Fig. 5

SUMOylation of SET leads to cognitive deficits in mice. a C57/BL6 mice were injected with pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-MCS-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (Vector-Titer = 1.0 × 1012), pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-SET-WT-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (SET-WT Titer = 1.0 × 1012) or pAAV-CAG-mCherry-2A-SET-K68R-3 × FLAG-AAV2 (SET-K68R Titer = 1.0 × 1012) as indicated in the bilateral hippocampus CA1 zone. Five weeks post-injection of viruses, a Total distances traveled and b Time in the center (15 × 15 cm imaginary square) were measured during open field test. c Fear conditioning was used to measure the contextual memory. Mice were allowed to adapt and the total percentage freezing in 3 min was measured at 4 h and 24 h. **P < 0.01 vs. AAV2-Vector. d Morris water maze test was employed to assess to learning and memory functions in the spatial reference memory task. No differences in escape latency among each group and e the number of times that each group of mice crossed the platform on day 7.*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. f Mean swimming speed of each group on day 7

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