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Fig. 3

From: Different tau species lead to heterogeneous tau pathology propagation and misfolding

Fig. 3

Differential of spreading of tau pathology between tau species. (a and b) Rat brains sections at − 5.3 mm from bregma for each group labelled with AT8-hyperphosphorylated tau antibody (a) or MC1-misfolded tau antibody (b) and showing strong tau pathology at the injection site. Scale bars represent 40 μm (c and d) Distribution of the AT8 (c) or MC1 (d) staining in coronal sections throughout the brains for each group is represented with bars along the scale of antero-posterior coordinates from Bregma. Bars represents the average of rostral-most to caudal-most staining (cell body or neurite) observed for each cohort. Red stars represent the coordinate of the last cell body observed. htau1N4R (n = 9), htau1N4R-P301L (n = 5), htau1N4R-P332S (n = 6), htau1N3R (n = 8) or htau1N3R-P332S (n = 5). The mean and standard deviations are indicated at the end of each bars. Statistical test used: One-way ANOVA test followed by a Tuckey post-hoc test was used to assess statistical differences between each group

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