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Fig. 2

From: Different tau species lead to heterogeneous tau pathology propagation and misfolding

Fig. 2

All tau species are transferred from neuron-to-neuron. (a) Schematic representations of tau construct used in this study. (b) Schematic representation of rat brain showing the injection coordinates in red and some of the rostral-most and caudal-most regions where we can find tau propagation. (c and d) Rat brains sections at coordinates + 5.7 mm (c) -8.3 mm (d) from bregma stained with a total human tau antibody (Adx215) showing transfer of tau for every species. htau1N4R (n = 9), htau1N4R-P301L (n = 5), htau1N4R-P332S (n = 6), htau1N3R (n = 8) or htau1N3R-P332S (n = 5). Scale bars represent 20 μm

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