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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid metabolites in patients with primary or metastatic central nervous system tumors

Fig. 2

Analysis of metabolites distinguishes CSF from patients with CNS tumors from patients with non-neoplastic conditions. Heat map of unsupervised hierarchical clustering of metabolites showing metabolite levels in the CSF of patients with a variety of CNS tumors in comparison to control CSF obtained from patients with no history of cancer. a There are 43 differentially expressed metabolites between CSF from controls and CSF derived from patients with CNS tumors (IDH-mutant glioma, metastatic lung cancer or breast cancer to the CNS and IDH-WT gliomas). b We identified 20 metabolites (Guanidine acetic acid, betaine, glucosamine/galactosamine, ornithine, methylcysteine, ethonalamine, aminophosphovaleric acid, 3-phosphoglycerate, 3PG and 2PG, 5-methyl-5-thioadenosine, cysteine, quinic acid, lactate, glutamic acid, 3-hydroxykyurenine, amino adipic acid, cystathionine, malic acid, succinate, PEP) elevated in the CSF of patients with metastatic breast cancer to the CNS. c We identified 5 metabolites (Glycine/leucine, Glucosamine/galactosamine, Malic acid, 3-phosphoglycerate, (L)-arginino-succinate and Alanine) significantly elevated in the CSF of patients with metastatic lung cancer to the CNS

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