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Fig. 4

From: Three-dimensional analysis of synapses in the transentorhinal cortex of Alzheimer’s disease patients

Fig. 4

Screenshot of the EspINA software user interface. In the main window (top), the sections are viewed through the xy plane (as obtained by the FIB/SEM microscopy). The other two orthogonal planes, yz and xz, are also shown in adjacent windows. 3D reconstruction of a synapse is shown in the three orthogonal planes. The “Raw Information Report” window shows features extracted from the reconstructed 3D synapse. The 3D windows (bottom) show the three orthogonal planes and the 3D reconstruction of segmented synapses (bottom left). Synapses appear green (asymmetric synapses) or red (symmetric synapses) according to the colors assigned by the user, and their SAS appear yellow (bottom right)

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