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Fig. 3

From: Three-dimensional analysis of synapses in the transentorhinal cortex of Alzheimer’s disease patients

Fig. 3

Higher magnifications of human TEC in coronal sections. Series of photomicrographs from a control subject (ad) and an AD patient (el). Sections are stained for Nissl (a, e), and immunostained with antibodies anti-NeuN (b, f), anti-PHF-Tau-AT8 (c, g, i, j) and anti-Aβ (d, h, k, l). PHF-Tau-AT8 positive neurons (g, i, j) and Aβ positive plaques (h, k, l) are observed in TEC from the AD patient. Scale bar (in panel l) corresponds to: 1 mm in panels a-d; 800 μm in panels e-h; 530 μm in panels i and k; 110 μm in panel j, and 220 μm in panel l

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