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Table 1 This table summarizes the studies, the specimen that was used, and oligodendrocyte alterations in AD animal models and human

From: White matter changes in Alzheimer’s disease: a focus on myelin and oligodendrocytes

The model and specimen Oligodendrocyte changes Source
PS1 knock-in mouse Vulnerability and death of OLs Pak et al. 2003
Postmortem AD Increased MAP-2 positive remyelinating OLs adjacent to WM lesions Increased PDGFR- α positive OPCs in WM lesions No change in Myelinating OLs in deep white matter Simpson et al. 2007
3xTg-AD mouse Decreased myelinating OLs No change in immature OLs Increased mature non-myelinating OLs Desai et al. 2010
Postmortem AD Reduced OLs nuclear diameter in parahippocampal white matter Gagyi et al. 2011
APPPS1 mouse Increased OPCs number Behrendt et al. 2013
Postmortem AD Decreased Olig2+ Behrendt et al. 2013
  1. It depicts the verity of the results in different animal models and human studies. PS1 Presenelin-1, OL oligodendrocyte, MAP microtubule associated protein, PDGFR platelet-derived growth factor receptor, OPCs oligodendrocyte progenitor cells, WM white matter, 3xTg-AD triple transgenic AD mouse model. APPPS1 mouse mouse with both APP and PS1 transgenes