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Table 2 Antibodies and immunohistochemistry conditions

From: Pyroglutamate and Isoaspartate modified Amyloid-Beta in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease

Clone Specificity Company Modified amino acid Antigen Abbreviation Dilution Antigen retrieval method
22C8 IsoAspartate Aβ Elan Pharmaceuticals Aspartate in position 1,7 IsoD-Aβ 1:10,000 Formic acid 80% for 30 min
337.48 pyroglutamate Aβ BioLegend Glutamate in position 3 pE3-Aβ 1:100 Formic acid 100% for 3 min + EDTA buffer and microwave
4G8 Aβ and APP BioLegend n/a AβPP 1:2000 Formic acid 80% for 30 min
82E1 N-terminus end specific IBL n/a 1:100 Formic acid 80% for 30 min
AT8 Phosphorylated tau ThermoFisher Scientific Ser202 and Thr205 p-TAU 1:500 Sodium citrate buffer and pressure cooker