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Table 3 TIA1 antibodies used for immunohistochemistry and double label immunofluorescence

From: Clinical and neuropathological features of ALS/FTD with TIA1 mutations

Antibody Species Epitope Dilution
Santa Cruz #sc-1751 Goat polyclonal (clone C-20) near C-terminus 1:300
Santa Cruz #sc-48371 Mouse monoclonal (clone D-9) aa 21-140 (near N-terminus) 1:200
Santa Cruz #sc-28237 Rabbit polyclonal (clone H-120) aa 21-140 (near N-terminus) 1:300
Abcam #ab140595 Rabbit monoclonal aa 350 to the C-terminus 1:100
Abcam #ab40693 Rabbit polyclonal aa 350 to the C-terminus 1:500
ProteinTech #12133-2-AP Rabbit polyclonal human TIA1-GST fusion protein 1:100
  1. #, catalogue number; GST glutathione S-transferase