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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of 16 pediatric High-Grade Glioma (pHGG) primary-recurrence tumor pairs analyzed in this study

From: Characterizing temporal genomic heterogeneity in pediatric high-grade gliomas

Molecular Group HGG case Age/sex Primary (P) Dx Recurrence (R) Dx Time to progression (months) Interval between P and R (months) Neuro-anatomical Location Surgery#1 Surgery#2 Germline Available Treatments between diagnosis and recurrence sample
H3/IDH1 mutant 1 14yo/M GBM GBM 8.7 16.2 Midline (Spine) GTR NA (autopsy) Yes RT+ TMZ, TMZ
2 18yo/F AA GBM 10.3 14.4 Midline (Pons) STR NA (autopsy) Yes RT+ TMZ, TMZ, bevacizumab, vorinostat
3 13yo/F GBM GBM 6.5 6.5 Midline (Spine) STR NA (autopsy) Yes RT+ TMZ, rapamycin
4 4yo/F GBM GBM 23.5 23.5 Midline (Pons) Biopsy NA (autopsy) No RT + vandatenib, dasatinib
5 12yo/M GBM GBM 7.1 8.7 Hemisphere GTR NA (autopsy) No RT + TMZ, TMZ + bevacizumab
6 29yo/F AA focal GBM GBM 45.2 45.2 Hemisphere STR STR No RT + TMZ, TMZ
7 19yo/F AA AA 14.3 14.3 Hemisphere GTR GTR No Surgery
H3/IDH1 wildtype 8 15yo/F AA GBM 12 13 Midline (Thalamus) Biopsy NA (autopsy) Yes RT+ bevacizumab + TMZ, bevacizumab + TMZ + irinotecan
9 18yo/M GBM GBM 25.3 25.3 Hemisphere GTR STR Yes RT, bevacizumab + irinotecan
10 10yo/F HGG Gr III w neuronal component HGG Gr IV w neuronal component 9.3 17.3 Hemisphere GTR STR Yes RT, lapatinib + bevacizumab, VP16
11 14yo/F GBM GBM 3.8 7.1 Hemisphere Biopsy NA (autopsy) Yes RT + TMZ, bevacizumab
12 17yo/M GBM GBM 29.1 29.1 Hemisphere STR STR No RT, VP16, BMT
13 19yo/M AA AA 39.2 39.2 Hemisphere GTR GTR No RT+ TMZ, TMZ
14 12yo/M GBM GBM 13.8 13.8 Hemisphere GTR GTR No RT + TMZ, TMZ + lomustine
NF1 germline 15 15yo/M AA GBM 42.4 65.4 Hemisphere GTR NA (autopsy) Yes RT, cisplatin + cyclophosphamide +topotecan + vincristine, TMZ, bevacizumab, rapamycin, cabozantinib
16 23yo/F LGG Gr II w pilocytic features GBM 9.5 9.5 Hemisphere GTR STR Yes Surgery
  1. Abbreviations: M Male, F Female, HGG High Grade Glioma, GBM Glioblastoma, Dx Diagnosis, AA Anaplastic Astrocytoma, GTR Gross Total Resection, NA Not Available, STR Subtotal Resection, RT Radiation Therapy, TMZ Temozolomide, VP16 Etoposide, BMT Bone Marrow Transplantation
  2. Targeted therapies: Bevacizumab (Genentech, San Francisco, CA), vorinostat (Merck, Whitehouse Station, NJ), vandatenib (AstraZeneca, Wilmington, DE), dasatinib (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ), lapatinib (Novartis, East Hanover, NJ), cabozantinib (Exelixis, San Francisco, CA)