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Table 2 Clinico-pathological demographics of matched primary and recurrent pituitary adenomas

From: The identification of human pituitary adenoma-initiating cells

Sample ID Gender Age Adenoma Subtype Time to Recurrence
PA23 (Primary 1) F 49 Null Cell 7 years
PA24 (Recurrent 1) 56 TSH, FSH/LH (focal)
PA25 (Primary 2) M 32 GH/PRL 3 years
PA26 (Recurrent 2) 35 GH/PRL
  1. PA pituitary adenoma, M Male, F Female, GH Growth Hormone, PRL Prolactin, FSH Follicle-Stimulating Hormone, LH Luteinizing Hormone, TSH Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone