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Table 1 Changes in IPA canonical pathways in brainstem microglia

From: Telomere shortening leads to an acceleration of synucleinopathy and impaired microglia response in a genetic mouse model

IPA canonical pathway αSYNtg/tg G3Terc-/-vs. controls (p value) Predicted activity pattern (z score) αSYNtg/tg vs controls (p value) Predicted activity pattern (z score)
Granulocyte Adhesion and Diapedesis 5,75E-08 NA 2,34E-09 NA
Atherosclerosis Signaling 7,76E-07 NA 4,27E-07 NA
LXR/RXR Activation 8,51E-08 Inhibition-0,277 9,55E-09 Activation 2,5
cAMP-mediated signaling ns NA 7,59E-06 Inhibition-0,688
Acute Phase Response Signaling ns NA 0,000104713 Inhibition-0,535
Cell Cycle: G2/M DNA Damage Checkpoint Regulation 3,89E-05 Inhibition-0,378 ns NA
Production of Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species in Macrophages 1,02E-05 Activation 2,496 ns NA
IL-10 Signaling 4,57E-05 NA ns NA
G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling ns NA 8,51E-06 NA