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Table 1 Global canonical pathway: human versus rat

From: IL-6 and Akt are involved in muscular pathogenesis in myasthenia gravis

Canonical pathway Human significance Rat significance
IGF-1 signaling 6.89*10−4 2.53*10−2
IL-6 Signaling 1.47*10−2 1.12*10−2
Nitric oxide signaling in the cardiovascular system 3.39*10−2 3.47*10−2
  1. Gene expression data for human and rat muscle were evaluated using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. The analysis used knowledge databases to identify global canonical pathways associated with gene expression. The significance value of a given canonical pathway, a measurement of the likelihood that the pathway is associated with the data set by random chance, was calculated using a right-tailed Fisher’s Exact Test, and values of p < 0.05 were assumed to be statistically significant.