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Table 2 Microsatellite markers employed in Mapping of chromosome 19 candidate region in consanguineous family (MPS001)

From: Germline mutations in RYR1 are associated with foetal akinesia deformation sequence/lethal multiple pterygium syndrome

Marker Genomic position Source
D19S222 Chr.19-28,725,890-28,726,217 bp
D19S433 Doesn’t map to Chr.19 assembly
D19S430 Chr.19-32,302,451-32,302,741 bp
D19S224 Chr.19-35,493,932-35,494,196 bp
Chr19r2-15xAC41 Chr.19-41,435,658-43,123,394
D19S220 cHR.19-34,8798,595-34,879,871 BP
D19S228 Chr.19-34,937,645-34,937,798 bp
D19S421 Chr.19-38,871,106-38,871,460 bp
Chr19R2-15xTAT Chr.19-44,221,282-44,669,155
Chr19r2-22xGT44 Chr.19-44,221,282-44,669,155