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Table 2 Summary of two-way ANOVA analyses of tau detection frequencies at bipartite synapses and hemi-synapses

From: Frequent and symmetric deposition of misfolded tau oligomers within presynaptic and postsynaptic terminals in Alzheimer’s disease

Tau detection type Total tau Phosphorylated tau Misfolded tau
Synapse type Bipartite Hemi Bipartite Hemi Bipartite Hemi
P value Con vs. AD n.s. n.s. 0.0002 < 0.0001 0.0014 0.0004
(Con < AD) (Con < AD) (Con < AD) (Con < AD)
pre vs. post 0.0236 n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. 0.0475
(pre < post) (pre < post)
  1. n.s. = not significant.