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Table 1 Allelic frequency of nucleotide change in NRAS and BRAF from deep amplicon sequencing of pathology specimens and buccal swabs

From: Oncogenic codon 13 NRAS mutation in a primary mesenchymal brain neoplasm and nevus of a child with neurocutaneous melanosis

Chromosome position (hg19) 1:115258745 7:140481411
Nucleotide change c.37G > C c.1397G > T
Amino acid change p. Gly13Arg p. Gly466Val
  Allelic frequencies (%)
Mesenchymal brain tumor 58.0 0.0
Melanocytic nevus 33.0 32.0
Normal skin 4.8 0.0
Buccal swab 2.7 0.0
Mother buccal swab 0.0 0.0
Father buccal swab 0.0 0.0