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Figure 3

From: Neuromyelitis optica MOG-IgG causes reversible lesions in mouse brain

Figure 3

MOG-IgG binds mouse MOG and causes loss of LFB staining. A. Mouse corpus callosum (CC) fluorescently immunostained with IgGMOG (green) and anti-MOG (red). DAPI nuclear stain. B. CC immunostained fluorescent red with IgGMOG, IgGMOG(AdsMOG-HEK), MOG-IgG2B7 and IgGCON. DAPI nuclear stain. Insets – immunopositive (DAB) gray matter neurons. C. Mouse brain injected with IgGMOG(AdsHEK) + Chu or IgGMOG(AdsMOG-HEK) + Chu. (Top) LFB stained sections at 24 hours. Red line, no LFB staining. (Bottom). Data summary. 5 mice per group. Mean ± SEM. P < 0.05*. Bar 10 μm (A insets), 50 μm (A, B), 1 mm (C).

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