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Table 2 Antibodies used in this study

From: Alpha-synuclein spreading in M83 mice brain revealed by detection of pathological α-synuclein by enhanced ELISA

Antibodies Epitopic specificity Type Source Dilution (ELISA/WB/IHC)
LB509 (human α-syn) 115-122 Mouse monoclonal Abcam (ref ab27766) 1/2000E -1/1000WB
4D6 (α-syn) 124–134 Mouse monoclonal Abcam (ref ab1903) 1/2000E
clone42 (α-syn) 91–96 Mouse monoclonal BD Biosciences (ref 610787) 1/2000E/WB
syn514 (α-syn) 2–12 Mouse monoclonal Abcam (ref ab24717) 1/500E
8A5 (α-syn) 129–140 Mouse monoclonal Provided by Dr. Anderson 1/2000E
D37A6 (mouse α-syn) 103–110 Rabbit polyclonal  Cell Signaling (ref 4179) 1/1000E
phosphorylated α-syn* PSer129 Rabbit polyclonal  Abcam (ref ab59264) 1/3000E -1/1000WB
EP1536Y (phosphorylated α-syn)** PSer129 Rabbit monoclonal Abcam (ref ab51253) 1/1000WB-1/300IHC
EP1537Y (β-syn)   Rabbit monoclonal Abcam (ref ab76111) 1/5000WB
Actin   Mouse monoclonal Abcam (ref ab8226) 1/2000WB
  1. All antibodies were used in ELISA with polyclonal anti α-syn antibody (Millipore ref AB5038P) as capture, unless mentioned.
  2. *Antibody used in ELISA with monoclonal anti α-syn clone 42 as capture.
  3. **Antibody used in Western blot and immunochemistry.
  4. E: ELISA, WB: Western blot.