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Table 2 Immunohistochemical groupings of medulloblastoma tumors

From: G-protein coupled receptor expression patterns delineate medulloblastoma subgroups

   Nuclear + Cytoplasmic Cytoplasmic
YAP1 Positive MB5, MB8, MB15, MB35 MB2, MB6, MB24, MB34, MB38
  Negative   MB1, MB3, MB4, MB7, MB13, MB14, MB18, MB25, MB26, MB27, MB28, MB29, MB30, MB31, MB32, MB33, MB36, MB37, MB39, MB40, MB41, MB42
  1. * MB28 and MB37 displayed rare nuclei that were weakly positive for YAP1; both were considered negative for YAP1 immunoreactivity.