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Table 3 Immunohistochemical detection of PrPres on capillaries, arteries and veins in scrapie-infected Tg44+/+ mice

From: Unusual cerebral vascular prion protein amyloid distribution in scrapie-infected transgenic mice expressing anchorless prion protein

Vesselsa Nb %
Capillaries 203 78.4
Arteries 28 10.8
Veins 28 10.8
Total 259 100
A/V ratio 1 to 1
  1. a - Vessels were defined as described in the Methods section.
  2. b - N = number of PrP-res-positive vessels of each type detected. The total area counted was 12 mm2. Data are from 3 individual mice, which were analyzed at 308 days post-infection with RML scrapie as described in the Methods.