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Table 1 Downstream Akt pathway activation in the DRG and sciatic nerve after intrathecal insulin stimulation

From: Peripheral nervous system insulin resistance in ob/ob mice

Protein of interest DRG Sciatic nerve
Control nondiabetic ob/ob diabetic Control nondiabetic ob/ob diabetic
  Insulin-induced fold change Insulin-induced fold change Insulin-induced fold change Insulin-induced fold change
mTor 1.52 1.00 1.13 0.98
AS160 1.47 1.28 2.13 1.22
p70S6K 1.00 1.04 1.09 0.93
GSK3β 1.26 1.17 1.56 0.88
  1. Four proteins downstream of Akt that are known to be involved in the intracellular actions of insulin signaling were investigated in the PNS of nondiabetic and ob/ob mice. In both the DRG and sciatic nerve, there were no significant changes in the activation of mTor, p70S6K, or AS160 in either nondiabetic or ob/ob mice, nor was there a significant change in the inhibition of GSK3β. Data presented is the fold change of protein modification (measured with Western blot analysis) induced by insulin as compared to that observed in mice that received PBS. n = 7-10 for all groups.