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Table 2 Primary antibodies

From: Microglia phenotypes are associated with subregional patterns of concomitant tau, amyloid-β and α-synuclein pathologies in the hippocampus of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies

Target Epitope Clone Host species Dilution Manufacturer Reference RRID
pSyn P-Ser129 11A5 Mouse (M) 1:500 Prothena Biosciences* NA NA
pSyn P-Ser129 81A Mouse (M) 1:200 Millipore MABN826 AB_2904158
pSyn P-Ser129 EP1536Y Rabbit (M) 1:200 Abcam ab51253 AB_869973
AA17-24 4G8 Mouse (M) 1:200 BioLegend 800712 AB_2734548
Iba1/AIF-1 C-term NA Rabbit (P) 1:500 Wako 019-19741 AB_839504
NF-H Met1-Ala380 NA Goat (P) 1:500 Biotechne AF3108 AB_2149640
pTau Ser202, Thr205 AT8 Mouse (M) 1:500 Thermofisher MN1020 AB_223647
pTau Ser422 NA Rabbit (P) 1:150 Thermofisher 44-764G AB_1502115
  1. M monoclonal, NA not available, P polyclonal
  2. *Provided by Dr. Manuel Buttini