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Table 1 Tau and NF antibodies used in this study

From: Loss of presenilin function enhances tau phosphorylation and aggregation in mice

Name Specificity Dilution (WB/IHa) Source / Reference
AT8 pSer202/Thr205 Tau 1:200 LifeTechnologies (BR-00390206)
CP13 pSer202 Tau 1:250/1:50 P. Davies/[34]
D1M9X Tau 1:250 Cell Signaling (46687)
MC1 Conform. Tau (312–322) 1:250/1:50 P. Davies
NF-L NF light chain 1:1,000/1:800 Merck-Millipore (AB9586)
PG5 pSer409 Tau 1:250/1:100 P. Davies/[34]
PHF-1 pSer396/404 1:250/1:200 P. Davies/[27]
SMI132 pNF-M/H 1:500/1:500 Biolegend (837904)
Tau17025 Tau 1:5,000 V. Lee
TG5 Tau 1:500 P. Davies/[34]
  1. aWB Western blotting. IH Immunohistochemistry