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Table 3 Summary of data from seeding heterozygous PrP.G37R-SOD1 Line 110 mice

From: Variation in the vulnerability of mice expressing human superoxide dismutase 1 to prion-like seeding: a study of the influence of primary amino acid sequence

Inoculum (ISP) # inoculated Age of euthanasia due to age or non-ALS health issues
PBS 5 Terminated at 16 mo
PrP.G37R-SOD1 Line 110 Sp Cord 6 Terminated at 16 mo
G37R-L29 Sp Cord 4 Terminated at 16 mo
P1 G37RG85R−SOD1:YFP Sp Cord 7 Terminated at 9 mo
GurG93A Sp Cord 3 Terminated at 17 mo
GurWT Sp Cord 4 Terminated at 16.8 mo