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Fig. 3

From: Coping with brain amyloid: genetic heterogeneity and cognitive resilience to Alzheimer’s pathophysiology

Fig. 3

adapted from Jack et al. [27] with the author’s permission

Conceptual model of genetic heterogeneity influencing cognitive resilience. A conceptual model displays the role of genetic heterogeneity in cognitive resilience to amyloidosis. Time is shown on the x-axis and points of maximum outcome abnormality (PET or cognitive functioning) are indicated by higher values along the y-axis. Sample cognitive trajectories, depicted by the blue curves, are shown in relation to the sigmoidal red curve depicting increasing brain PET amyloidosis over time. Genetic heterogeneity is shown as a modifier of cognitive resilience to amyloidosis, with more severe impairment (dark blue) related to a genetic risk profile and less impairment (light blue) related to a genetic protective profile. Figure

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