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Table 1 Summary of neuropathology findings

From: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a former Australian rules football player diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Tau pathology
Depths of cortical sulci, perivascular
neuronal, astrocytic, neuritic
frontal +++
temporal ++
parietal, occipital -
Prominent superficial neocortical layers
neuronal, astrocytic, neuritic
temporal +++
insular +++
frontal +
parietal, occipital -
CA2, CA4 +++
CA3 ++
DG +
CA1 sclerosis (astrocytic) +
Amygdala neuronal, neuritic+++
Striatum, Lentiform nuclei neuronal, neuritic+
Thalamus neuronal, neuritic+
Hypothalamus incl. Mammillary body
neuronal, neuritic
Midbrain neuronal, neuriticsubstantia nigra +++
median raphe +++
tectum ++
Ponslocus coeruleus +
abducens nucleus +
Subpial & periventricular ARTAGpresent
Ghost tanglesCA1, entorhinal, superficial temporal, amygdala
pTDP-43 pathology
NCI, neuritic
amygdala ++
hippocampus +
superficial temporal ++
depths of frontal sulci +
Other pathology
Vascular disease, arteriolosclerosis
Vascular disease, atherosclerosis
basal ganglia +++
subcortical white matter +++
basal vessels +
Beta-A4 (amyloid)Thaal 4 (A3)
CERAD scoreC2
DiagnosisCTE Stage III
AD-NC (A3, B2, C2)
  1. CA cornu ammonis, DG dentate gyrus, NCI neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions, AD-NC Alzheimer’s Disease neuropathologic change, ARTAG aging-related tau astrogliopathy