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Table 2 Antibody details

From: Inflammation of the choroid plexus in progressive multiple sclerosis: accumulation of granulocytes and T cells

TargetMarkerHostClonality (clone)End concentrationCompany (catalog number)Antigen retrieval
APCsMHCIIMouseMonoclonal (LN3)6.8 μg/mLHybridomaCitrate
B cellsCD19RatMonoclonal (6OMP31)0.5 μg/mLThermo Fisher Scientific (14–0194-82)Citrate
Basement membraneCollagen IVRabbitPolyclonal3.3 μg/mLAbcam (ab6586)Tris or citrate
CD4+ T cellsCD4RabbitMonoclonal (EPR6855)1.1 μg/mLAbcam (ab133616)Tris
CD8+ T cellsCD8MouseMonoclonal (C8/144B)0.157 μg/mLDako (M7103)Tris
Endothelial cellsBiotinylated UEA I Europaeus Agglutinin I (UEA I)2.0 μg/mLVector laboratories (B-1065)Tris
GranulocytesCD66b (A647 label)MouseMonoclonal (G10F5)4.5 μg/mLNovus Biologicals (NB100-77808AF647)Citrate
Myeloid cellsIba1GoatPolyclonal1.0 μg/mLAbcam (ab5076)Citrate
Plasma cellsCD138MouseMonoclonal (MI15)Not available (1:50)Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA5–12400)Citrate
T cellsCD3MouseMonoclonal (F7.2.38)2.8 μg/mLDako (M7254)Tris
T cellsCD3RabbitPolyclonal3.0 μg/mLDako (A0452)Tris
  1. APCs Antigen-presenting cells, Tris: 10 mM Tris / 1 mM EDTA, pH 9; Citrate: 10 mM sodium citrate buffer, pH 6