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Fig. 4

From: Wwox deficiency leads to neurodevelopmental and degenerative neuropathies and glycogen synthase kinase 3β-mediated epileptic seizure activity in mice

Fig. 4

Wwox loss results in severe CNS hypomyelination in mice. a-d LFB staining of CNS white matter fiber tracks using mouse forebrain coronal sections showed that the myelinated neurons were largely reduced in the commissural fibers (corpus callosum, anterior commissures and dorsal hippocampal commissures), association fibers (cingulum; black arrows) and projection fibers (black arrowheads) of all Wwox−/− mice examined at 3 week of age. The enlarged images (a1, b1, c1–3, and d1–3) are from the boxed areas in the upper panel (a-d). Myelin pallor was also observed in the internal capsule (c and d), degenerated optic tract (c3 and d3; red arrowheads) and cerebellar foliar white matter (e and f) of Wwox−/− mice by LFB staining. Nissl staining of neuronal cell bodies was used for counterstaining. The representative results of three independent experiments are shown

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