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Fig. 6

From: Single-nucleus RNA-seq identifies Huntington disease astrocyte states

Fig. 6

Three reactive astrocytic states in HD. a Supervised classification of astrocytic nuclei based on normalized expression levels of GFAP, MT2A, and SLC1A2 in control (red) and HD (blue) presented as violin plots. Four states are noted: Quiescent, state1Q, state-2R, and state-3R. Ambiguous and unknown state represent cells that met more than one classification condition or none, respectively. b Pie charts of the relative proportions of the astrocytic states in control and HD. c Cartoon summary of the astrocytic states color coded as in (b) with respect to the expression of reactive genes such as CRYAB, GFAP, and MTs, as well as protoplasmic astrocyte genes such as SLC1A2, FGFR3, and . The lower panel shows the proportion of astrocytic clusters colored as described in the legend on the right (same as Fig. 3a-c) in each of the quiescent and reactive states (as described in panels A-B). Top gene modules that characterize each astrocytic cluster are described

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