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Table 3 Variants found in more than 1 DLB case, that were present in 5 or less individuals from the gnomAD exome dataset of non-Finnish Europeans

From: Analysis of neurodegenerative disease-causing genes in dementia with Lewy bodies

Gene Transcript Variant Number of DLB cases GnomAD NFE AC (Total NFE AN)
PARK2 ENST00000366898 p.Gln440Arg 2 1 (112822)
VPS13C ENST00000261517 p.Ile288Met 2 4 (112094)
TUBA4A ENST00000248437 p.Val181Met 2 5 (113764)
DNAJC6 ENST00000371069 p.Val632Ala 2 0 (83222)
VPS35 ENST00000299138 p.Arg499His 2 4 (113646)
  1. All variants were identified in the heterozygous state. gnomAD NFE Non-Finnish European, AC Allele Count, AN Allele Number