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Table 3 Variants found in more than 1 DLB case, that were present in 5 or less individuals from the gnomAD exome dataset of non-Finnish Europeans

From: Analysis of neurodegenerative disease-causing genes in dementia with Lewy bodies

GeneTranscriptVariantNumber of DLB casesGnomAD NFE AC (Total NFE AN)
PARK2ENST00000366898p.Gln440Arg21 (112822)
VPS13CENST00000261517p.Ile288Met24 (112094)
TUBA4AENST00000248437p.Val181Met25 (113764)
DNAJC6ENST00000371069p.Val632Ala20 (83222)
VPS35ENST00000299138p.Arg499His24 (113646)
  1. All variants were identified in the heterozygous state. gnomAD NFE Non-Finnish European, AC Allele Count, AN Allele Number