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Table 1 Primary antibodies I (human tissue)

From: Lack of astrocytes hinders parenchymal oligodendrocyte precursor cells from reaching a myelinating state in osmolyte-induced demyelination

Antibody Species Dilution Antigen retrieval Manufacturer
Anti-AQP4 Rabbit 1:200 Citrate, MW Sigma Aldrich, A5971
Anti-BCAS1 Rabbit 1:100 Citrate, MW Abcam, ab106661
Anti-GFAP Rabbit 1:1000 Dako, Z0334
Anti-KiM1P Mouse 1:5000 Citrate, MW Radzun et al. [76]
Anti-MAG Mouse 1:5000 Citrate, MW Abcam, ab89780
Anti-Olig2 Mouse 1:50 EDTA, MW Merck Millipore, MABN50
Anti-TPPP/p25 Rabbit 1:500 EDTA, MW Abcam, ab92305
Anti-Sox10 Mouse 1:100 Citrate, MW Novus, NBP2-59620